When was my can made?

You may be wondering for any number of reasons when your Vanee product was made. This is not weird at all.

Can dating example number one

Can dating example number twoVanee uses a four-digit code to determine the production date of a given product. The first three digits are the Julian date; they represent what day of the year the product was manufactured on. The fourth digit represents the last digit of the year it was produced in.

Let’s look at these two examples, which represent both code configurations that you might find on Vanee product:

The code in the top picture is 2642. This means that this product was made on the 264th day of 2012, or September 21, 2012.

The code in the bottom picture is 0243. This means that this product was made on the 24th day of 2013, or January 24, 2013.